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I had an opportunity to speak with Janet Boynes on her podcast “Healing and Made Free”. Janet is a good friend of my family (and former fellow Minnesotan!) and has been a mentor to me over the years, regularly encouraging me to continue pursuing ministry.

Janet Boynes Ministries (JBM) was founded when the CEO and founder, Janet Boynes, felt God’s call on her life to help those who are trapped in the sin of homosexuality and yearn to be set free. She sees this as a “holy calling” (2 Timothy 1:9) and has also been led to reach those who struggle with same-sex desires and gender identity dysphoria. God has further laid it on Janet’s heart, and with great urgency, to equip the body of Jesus Christ with the necessary information and skills that will help them address these controversial issues that are impacting the Christian church today.

The LGBTQ Doctrine in Churches and Schools: What Pastors and Parents Can Do Today

There is an lgbtq philosophy being promoted and embraced by school districts and even churches. Janet talks with Pastor Daren Mehl. They talk about calling out the lgbtq agenda wherever it is promoted and embraced. Why are church and pastors adopting an lgbtq doctrine…? Are pastors equipping their church in lgbtq issues? Are pastors culturally silent? “…affirmation is unloving because it is leaving someone in sin.” Why have schools adopted the lgbtq doctrine so completely? “It is a spiritual battle to send your child into public school. And I don’t believe children belong on the front lines.”

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Note: This podcast was prerecorded before June 4. This was not live but post-produced.

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