Spotlight on Daren

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Listen to Daren’s powerful story of finding the truth and grace of God through faith in Jesus to transform his mind, sanctify his desires by exchanging unwanted same-sex attractions with the fulfillment of his needs and desires in God through marriage to his wife and brotherhood in the faith with other men. Come hear how Daren is the handiwork of a faithful and loving God.

Wholly Transformed!

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Most of us wouldn’t even think to question God’s transformation power, right?!… Right!… That is UNTIL we talk about the LGBT community and then it’s almost like we forget God’s ability to transform a person wholly and make him or her holy. Join us as Rev. Daren and Rhoda Mehl, Founders of Made Free Ministries, share their testimony as two former LGBT-identified persons who personally experienced God’s transforming power and were both made free from their prior ways. Rev. Daren and Rhoda take time in this episode to help us distinguish counterfeit and distorted beliefs on this subject and give much-needed insight, education, and encouragement to the church and those in the LGBT lifestyle. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS EVEN A SECOND! *Mature topics discussed.

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