Spotlight on Daren

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Listen to Daren’s powerful story of finding the truth and grace of God through faith in Jesus to transform his mind, sanctify his desires by exchanging unwanted same-sex attractions with the fulfillment of his needs and desires in God through marriage to his wife and brotherhood in the faith with other men. Come hear how Daren is the handiwork of a faithful and loving God.

War on Transformation

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Reverend Daren Mehl shares his testimony and the war that was going on inside him and outside him to destroy the promises and will of God in his life. Daren shares the power of Jesus to save and restore him from a life in homosexuality to one of life married to his wife. Daren shares of overcoming the battle through faith in Jesus Christ. Daren also discusses the religious war that is around us that is trying to make the testimony of Jesus illegal. The present darkness which is lying and robbing people of hope in Christ cannot stand after Daren shares the power of Jesus to transform.

Responding to Christian Homosexuality

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There’s a lot of talk in Christian circles today about whether or not same-sex attraction is sinful. Daren Mehl answers some questions about whether homosexuality is an orientation, if Christians are delivered from it, and what Churches should do in responding to the LGBTQI+ agenda.

Changed Movement – AB2943 Testimony

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A bit surprising, Daren’s testimony was translated to Chinese by a group called Kingdom for Jesus. In 2018 Daren joined the Changed Movement in their testimony against California AB2943, a bill that would criminalize the Christian testimony of being set free from homosexuality by Jesus. Daren shared his testimony and his testimony was published in the Changed Movement book, which itself would have become illegal contraband in California if the bill passed. The bill didn’t pass.

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