Daren & Rhoda Mehl

Our vision is to make disciples of Jesus, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, to call home the prodigals, and to reconcile people to their creator, calling people out of the darkness and into His marvelous light.

We believe scripture which teaches us the repentant LGBT identified individual can be set free and sanctified in Jesus Christ as a new creation, no longer LGBT, but a Child of God. This is our testimony.

Made Free Ministries is the testimony ministry of Daren and Rhoda Mehl. They testify to the work of Jesus Christ in their lives, bringing them out of the LGBT community and into the Kingdom of God. Through use of testimony, they address the biblical principles involved in desire, identity, behavior, healing, sanctification, identity and other biblical aspects around the issue of homosexuality and being made free.

Daren Mehl is a missionary of Agape First Ministries and tax deductible donations can be made there to support his work there of equipping the church with the teachings that lead to freedom in Christ. Donations made to Made Free Ministries are NOT tax deductible and go directly to support Daren and Rhoda Mehl.

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About Daren & Rhoda Mehl

Daren is Associate Pastor of Warroad Community Church

Daren is a licensed minister with International Ministerial Fellowship

Daren is President of Voice of the Voiceless

Daren is Associate Director of Agape First Ministries

Daren is Operations Manager of The Alliance For Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity

Daren is founder and President and Chief Technology Officer of The Highest Calling LLC, a business that provides technology services to the Body of Christ. (Our tentmaking 😊)

Rhoda is a graduate of UMI

Rhoda is a home school educator and tutor