Rob Ketterling partnered River Valley Church with Transform Minnesota by hosting Preston Sprinkle at his church.

The following is part of a letter which was sent by an AG Ordained minister to the assistant of Pastor Rob Ketterling with confirmation it would be delivered to him.

It was brought to my attention that Preston Sprinkle, a talented author, speaker, and podcaster, is scheduled to speak on gender and sexuality at your church in November. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know (in case you are unaware) that Preston promotes a “gay Christian” identity—meaning, he does not believe those who experience same-sex attractions can experience transformation. Rather, he insists that the church must support those who embrace a gay identity because they can’t change. In fact, he is outspoken against people like me who share their experiences of transformation, calling it “conversion therapy”—which is a derogatory label designed by the LGBTQ community to discredit those who contend for transformation.

One of my colleagues put together this 4-minute video that shares clips of Preston’s teachings and briefly explains his theological and practical errors. In another video, Preston affirms a pastor who claims a “gay Christian” identity, which is contrary to the gospel. The Word tells us to put off the old self and its accompanying deceitful desires (like same-sex attractions), not to embrace our fallen desires as our identity (Eph. 4:22-24). In this video, Preston embraces the LGBTQ-community’s critique of those, like me, who believe in transformation through inner healing prayer and discipleship to address wounds in the soul that may contribute to the development of same-sex attractions. True change is possible, and there are thousands like me who have experienced transformation, despite the claims of the LGBTQ community saying otherwise.

Preston is a winsome guy and popular speaker, but his teachings are spreading confusion and defiling people against the message of transformation, doing more harm than good. In contrast to Preston, who does not come from a Pentecostal perspective, there are several ex-gay people I know of affiliated with the AG who have experienced transformation and can offer sound teaching in that regard, such as Joe Dallas, Linda Seiler and Janet Boynes Ministries.

I believe each and every one of us at one time or another spoke at MN Equip.

In light of the above concerns, I urge you to reconsider hosting Preston at your church and consider an alternative like myself or the other ministries I mentioned to equip your church with sound, biblical teaching that can truly transform lives.

Holy Sexuality Sermon, April 11, 2021
Study Guide:

This portion of the sermon focuses on the posture shift, not doctrinal shift. It is an appeal to do better by listening to LGBTQ people. The final chair is Leslie, who you will see on the Preston Sprinkle connections is a mentor to Preston Sprinkle and part of Posture Shift. Also note that she helps trans kids BE trans kids, as she herself identifies as they/them. Rich has been shamed by Preston Sprinkle’s doctrines to think his church isn’t doing the right thing, when in fact several friends have come out of the LGBTQ that attended his church. I myself was in an AOG church and it was a safe environment and not harmful to me.

Note, the POSTURE SHIFT is a doctrinal shift, though they would say otherwise. It is a shift of ONTOLOGY. While this doctrine claims to be biblically faithful in calling homosexuality and same sex marriage a sin, the slight of hand is the doctrine that people ARE LGBT and cannot and should not seek change, transformation, or healing from homosexuality. Side B promotes the concept of ex-gays preaching prosperity gospel and practicing “conversion therapy.”

River Valley Podcast hosting Preston Sprinkle

Transform Minnesota “Letter to the church from the LGBT